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Our Staff

Raymond R. Rex Jr. —

Ray is the founder of Rex Accounting Services, Inc. He has been in the accounting arena since 1971. First owning an accounting business in Massachusetts, he then moved to Florida and started Rex Accounting Services, Inc. in 1985. Ray graduated with a B.A. from American International College in Massachusetts while holding a full time job and raising three children with his wife, Linda, co-founder of Rex Accounting. He is dedicated to providing the finest service possible.

Suellen J. Rex —

Suellen is Ray and Linda’s oldest of the three children. She has followed in her father’s footsteps by working first in Massachusetts with a CPA firm then moving to Florida in 2004 to run side by side with the best mentor she knows — her Dad. She brings a fresh technical air to owning and operating one of the preimere accounting firms in the area. Suellen keeps up with the latest rules and regulations giving her the ability to provide her clients with accurate and knowledgeable information for the benefit of themselves and their business ventures.

Eileen Ruiz —

Eileen is the first person you will meet when you walk in the door. She is bright, bubbly and remembers everything. Eileen will make you feel right at home. She comes from a history of managing a variety of offices. Eileen keeps Rex Accounting organized and running ship shape.

Dianna Taylor —

Dianna has worked in accounting all her life starting at fifteen. Her experience has been working for large and small firms alike. She has an impeccable eye for detail and specializes in corporate accounting, cleaning up what other firms have missed. She will keep you on the right track.

Laura Miller —

Laura is the newest member of Rex Accounting and by newest she has been here since 2009. Laura is extremely organized. Bookkeeping is second nature to her. During tax season she specializes in pumping out those personal tax returns quickly and accurately.


Suellen Rex
Rex Accounting Services, Inc.
2421 Quantum Blvd.
Boynton Beach, FL  33426

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